Devrom Capsules (100/btl)

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Devrom® Capsules

  • 100 capsules per bottle
  • Internal deodorant to reduce the smell from flatulence and stool
  • A trused name for over 50 years
  • Used by thousands and thousands worldwide

Have you every had such horrible smelling flatulence that it caused you to limit your social interactions?

You will never have to experience that embarrassment again. Deodorize embarrassing odor from flatulence and stool now with Devrom® capsules.

Devrom® (internal deodorant) is an effective and fast acting flatulence deodorizer. It is an easy and inexpensive remedy for intestinal gas odor.

Each of the gas pills contain 200mg bismuth subgallate (active ingredient). Inactive ingredients include: microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrine, croscarmellose, silica, and magnesium stearate. Devrom® is available without a prescription. It is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to safely and effectively manage odor from stool and flatulence.

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Instructions For Use:

Take 1 to 2 Devrom® capsules up to four times daily.

Not to exceed eight per day. Take as needed.  We recommend that you start by taking one around breakfast, one around lunch and one around dinner.  At this time you should be able to tell whether or not this is a sufficient dose and you may continue to take this daily amount, reduce it, or increase the dosage (not to exceed 8 per day).  Note that the effective dose does vary per person.


145 Reviews

  • 5
    Devrom is the Best!

    Posted by Flora on Nov 16th 2021

    Devrom is a must have in our house. After a gastric bypass, When they told me about flatulence after the surgery I thought they were exaggerating. Well they were not! I use Devrom every day and my husband makes sure I don’t forget to order it. We love this product!

  • 5
    Works as advertised

    Posted by Kolawole Eniojukan on Oct 26th 2021

    Now I can eat lots of black eyed beans and not worry about fouling the air with my farts;; joking aside, am very flatulent and often find myself having to open the windows for fresh air to enter my apartment even in winter but now with devrom I have no need to open windows often.

  • 5
    Significantly reduces flatulence

    Posted by Linda A Plotkin on Oct 24th 2021

    Works extremely well without. Side effects

  • 5
    Devrom Capsules

    Posted by Brian Goodrich on Sep 21st 2021

    These pills work. The amount of fart stench is significantly reduced.

  • 5
    Devrom Capsules

    Posted by Linda Turner on Jun 26th 2021

    This product improved the quality of my life. I am incontinent of gas. It is so embarrassing to emit horrible odors when talking to a patient or doctor ( I work in a hospital). Devrom changed all that for me.

  • 5
    Internal deodorant best relief

    Posted by Toni on Jun 5th 2021

    The only help for my problem , the only relief there is for a personal problem that haunts so many of us !!

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Heather on Apr 1st 2021

    I started a new diet and was really concerned with the way it would affect me, so I found Devrom and have been taking and I can say it’s wonderful.

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa Jenkins-Miller on Mar 10th 2021

    These pills are great i received and started using the smell changed in 2 days. Great product.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 14th 2021

    The best product ever.Worked right away no problem at All. I also asked my Doctor and was given then OK to use the product.