About Devrom®

Devrom® (200mg bismuth subgallate) is an FDA-approved medication that safely and effectively eliminates odor from flatulence and stool. Devrom® has been on the market for over 50 years but people are still discovering how it can change their life as reviews and mentions continue to pour in from the media. Devrom has been mentioned by: 


Our parent company Parthenon Company owns Devrom. It was created by three pharmacists in 1961. That company began with Devrom®, an internal deodorant as their only product. As word of the effectiveness of the medication spread, a wide network of distribution grew and use of Devrom expanded with satisfied customers nationwide. Parthenon eventually took on the role of both manufacturer and distributor, expanding company inventory to include specialty medical supplies. In 2011, Parthenon celebrated 50 successful years serving customers. Today, we continue to improve to make our products and service as great as they can be. Parthenon is a family company with family values where our customers are our highest priority. We take every measure we can to ensure they have the best possible experience with our company and our products.