What are people saying about Devrom® 

 NPR Interview with Mary Roach, author of the book GULP: Adventures On The Alimentary Canal


New York Post story about how people respond to flatulence (farts)



"I discovered Devrom® by accident and tried it for incontinence. I was amazed! I would recommend it to everyone and anyone with these problems. It's a miracle!"


"I have had to suffer humiliation and self-imposed isolation for years resulting from vile smelling uncontrollable farts and fecal incontinence due to irritable bowel syndrome. I was constantly surrounded by a horrible odor. The entire house stank all the time, and no air-freshener helped at all. I even used to spray a heavy duty odor removing spray on my body and on the inside of my clothing several times a no avail. Although they were very kind about it, my family did not even want to be in the house or car with me. I was told repeatedly by internal medicine doctors and even gastroenterologists that nothing could be done to treat this condition. I accidentally saw a bottle of Devrom® in the office of a gastric-bypass surgeon and decided to try it. The dosage which is effective for me is three or four capsules twice a day. This dosage was arrived at by trial and error. It has totally freed me from the constant all pervasive stench that I have had to live with for years."


"I wanted to write and say thanks for making this product. Since my gastric bypass surgery in July 2003, I’ve been dealing with all the new changes by body has gone through and I wasn’t ready for the unpleasant affect of my bowel movements and the terrible odor. My surgeon, Dr. Vanguri, did inform me of the changes and the smell that would occur after my surgery, but until you and your unfortunate family members experience it you really just don’t know and wish you didn’t have to find out. I am very blessed to have a second chance at life and to have had an excellent surgeon and well informed staff by his side which directed me to your great product and my relief of the embarrassing odor from bowel movements and flatulence. Thank you."


"Devrom® is a life saver for my wife. Life saving as in friends, family, acquaintances. An unfortunate side effect of gastric bypass surgery is foul smelling flatulence. Devrom® has reduced the odor intensity [of flatulence], one thousand fold. When my wife forgets to take it the odor is unimaginabley powerful. It is a great product. We highly recommend Devrom®."


"I am very happy to have discovered this product. The embarrassment of the flatulence was awful. Your product Devrom® is a god-send. Thank you. I stopped for 2 days and the odor returned. I will not be without your product."


"Devrom® is phenomenal! I had open gastric bypass surgery on 2/2/04. My "plumbing" was rearranged. At first, I was relieved with the gas and bloating--it meant my insides were working. But after a week or so, the smell seemed to be the first thing anyone noticed. My surgeon handed me a copy of a printout for Devrom®. I looked up the website and got free samples. WOW! How fabulous! Within one day, my "problem" was under control! I ordered some, and I can think of at least two people I know who can really use this stuff. I wish everyone knew about it."


"Since learning about Devrom® from my physician, I have been greatly relieved of the horrific odor cause from my flatulence and BMs! I’ve experienced severe embarrassment at home, shopping, visiting or attending gatherings at school or church. My dear husband of 40 years was ready to “trade me in” as he had to suffer along with me! At 70 years of age I’m overjoyed to have found this very effective tablet as it has given me a chance to be among polite society again without serious anxiety! Thank you 1000 times over for this remarkable product! It works! I’ll never be without it. God bless you all!! P.S. Even my precious 6 year old grandson says “Thank You."