Flatulence Without Violence and Humorous Police Reports

Sep 1st 2020

Deodorizing Intestinal Gas Can Yield A Peaceful and Harmonious Social Interaction Free of Police Calls!

Police were recently called to a domestic disturbance report in Port St. Lucie, Florida on December 11, 2015.  The complaint was that the woman's husband repeatedly passed offensive gas in bed which resulted in a series of scratches, elbows, kicks and punches to the offender.  As reported by The Smoking Gun, the husband could not control his flatulence and brought it with him each time he tried to come to bed.  In the end, the wife locked herself in the bathroom while making the 911 call for police assistance.  

There's no need to waste tax payer money on this sort of event!  Trust Devrom to effectively deodorize intestinal gas quickly and safely!  Note Devrom does not eliminate gas, just controls the odor.  Devrom is available as a chewable tablet or capsule and is available without a prescription.   Order today to prevent any further domestic disturbances!